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Episode #2: Adding a quiz to your E-Commerce website to increase conversions

Hi. Oh my gosh. I am so excited. We’re back at my desk today. I’m excited for what we’re talking about. I am not excited for how messy my desk is. I’m looking around my desk and it is a mix of like dog hair, half finished cups of Starbucks stickers, hair ties. Yeah, it a little bit messy today, but we’re gonna roll with it.

Today we’re talking about adding a quiz to your e-commerce website. If that is something that you’ve never heard of before, essentially what I’m talking about is, you know how sometimes when you go onto a website, , they have a little quiz you can take. And then at the end of it, they’ll give you a recommendation for either a set of their products or that sort of thing.

We’re gonna be talking specifically about e-commerce websites, but I have seen this on service-based websites as well there’s definitely a way to use it to connect with your customers better.

If you are a product based business owner, this is gonna be an episode, you’re probably gonna want a bookmark or come back to, there is a lot of good stuff that you can take away.

Before we dive, I’m laughing because this is a weird disclaimer I have to make, but before we dive in, my dog Willow, , my little studio assistant Willow is just sleeping right beside my desk. So she’s like by my feet and I’m sure at some point of time she is going to snore very loudly or she’s probably gonna wake up and like run to the window and bark like a lunatic at the squirrel outside because that’s just how she rolls.

The idea for this episode actually came from a discovery call with a potential client last week, and we were kind of talking about the questions that they get asked often. So what questions are they fielding over and over again that we could kind of address through the website to make it easier for their customers to buy.

And one of the biggest things I tell my one-on-one clients is that, the key to making sales on your website. The key to increasing conversions to building a strong brand is building trust on your website and one of the best ways that you can do that is to educate your customers, right? Educate your customers and make recommendations through your website that make it easier for them to make a decision.

So quizzes fit into that really well. It’s a really fun, interactive way to be able to do that on your website.

We’re gonna kind of be talking about why I recommend quizzes today. I’m also gonna give you three examples of websites that do this really well, so that if you want to go poke around, take a look and as a customer you can see what it feels like.

And then I want to give you some things to consider if you are considering. Adding a quiz to your own e-commerce website. So a lot of good stuff on here today let’s dive in.

2. Quizzes help create engagement and interaction

Okay, so first off is that quizzes are just fun. Like they’re a really great way to create Engagement and interaction from your customers on your website. It helps them learn about your brand and your product in a way that still puts them first and makes it entertaining for them. So this can translate to increased time spent on your website, a higher conversion rate, repeat visits, and it’s also really good for your SEO with customers, spending more time on your website.

The other thing is that when someone lands on your. and instead of like aimlessly shopping around, they get to immediately dive into how your product fits into their life. Which kind of leads me to the second point of , quizzes help your customers find their perfect product.

You can really help them find a product from your line of whatever you that fits their needs.

A well-designed quiz can really provide personalized recommendations based on their preferences and tastes and makes it a really enjoyable and efficient shopping experience for them.

 3. Quizzes make it a personalised shopping experience for your customers

And again, just talking about that personalized touch not to sound creepy or anything, but just talking about that personalized touch. Like, I feel like we’ve all been in that situation where you walk into a store and either someone’s hounding you, and you are like, can you just leave me alone and let me shop in peace? Or, You are like frantically looking for someone to help you out with something and no one’s available, and both of those experiences can translate into your shopping experience for your customers on your website.

Or sometimes you go into a store, you are allowed to kind of browse around and as soon as you need help with something, you look up and there’s someone to help you, you find exactly what you need and it just feels like a really great experience.

So I feel like quizzes are that happy medium between the two where your customers can take a quiz if they would like, and find something that is really personalized to them or if they would like to browse around, they can do that as well.

 4. Quizzes encourage Social sharing + increase brand loyalty

The next thing is that quizzes, obviously encourage social sharing. If your quiz is really unique and fun, it encourages your customers to share it with their friends and family, which helps increasing your brand awareness and it also helps your customers feel connected with you as a brand.

I mean, subconsciously customers also definitely feel like your brand cares for them more. That you’ve taken more of an effort to get to know your customers and what they need, and personalize an experience for them and recommend products for them that fit exactly what they need instead of them having to guesstimate.

This can help also create a sense of community around your brand, and it really helps your business on the branding side of things.

 4. They help your customers really connect with your brand!

The fourth point there is that quizzes really help create a memorable experience for your customers. At the end of the day, customers want even an online shopping experience that feels really fun and memorable and almost seamless. Adding a quiz to your e-commerce website can help you create that experience for them, so that you’ll have them coming back for more.

Along the same lines, I think if it’s done really well just the quiz part of it can help your customers feel like as a brand you care more for their needs. It helps them perceive you differently. It also helps them kind of feel more connected with you and feel like you really understand what they need and where they’re coming from, which in itself is great for you as a business overall.

5. Can help decrease the number of returns and exchanges

One of the more tangible things that quizzes can help you do as well on the website is to decrease the number of returns and exchanges if your quiz is done really well. What you’re doing is answering a lot of the questions that your customer has upfront. Like I said, instead of having them to guesstimate buy the product and then return it, you are kind of recommending products that best fit what they need, which will help reduce the number of returns because it’s not the right fit for them that you could have tackled in the first place.

Right so that’s another great point that will directly affect your bottom line as well.

Okay. Um, wow. I talked a lot. So three examples of brands are doing this really, really well are,

Some real world examples of brands doing quizzes really well :

THINX ( Period Underwear brand)

Thinx, which is the period underwear brand. If you go to their website, you’ll see that in the navigation they have, a quiz, which is called Know Your Flow, and they’ve kind of said it’s a matchmaking tool for your period.

They’ve created a unique tool based on you and your period and what you need. And then at the end of the quiz, they make recommendations for products that they think you would need. This is really great because , if you’ve never used their products before, you’re not sure how many you need, what you need, what absorbency level you need etc.

There’s so many questions that can kind of deter you from making a purchase. And this quiz is really great, to lead you through.

COCOKIND ( Skincare)

The second one that I really like is Cocokind Kind. So coco Kind is a skincare brand, and if you go to their website, you instantly kind of get a vibe for the brand. They have a quiz, that is a routine builder. So you kind of tell them what your skin feels like, whether your skin is sensitive, how often you break out, what you want your skin to look like and they even ask you how many steps you want your skin routine to be.

Um, a really great thing that they also do here is that you can enter your email and they’ll give you 10% off your first order. Or they give you a coupon code to earn points on their website, but they don’t make it mandatory for you to enter your email in order to get the results. So that’s really great because that would be just simply annoying. I think that would really throw people off.

Once you enter everything, they give you a in-depth skin routine and it shows you all of their products that you can purchase. Their website and their quiz is definitely done with a lot of intent.

DOE ( False Eyelashes)

And then the third website that does this really is, Doe, which is false eyelashes. And they have a quiz that is finding your perfect lash style. So you can choose what kind of lash style you need, how often you wear false lashes, what shape your eyes are etc. .

Anybody that is used false lashes before, I think you’ve definitely poked yourself in the eye or your eyelashes have been too short or it’s just, yeah.

I recently started wearing false eyelashes and definitely made a few mistakes along my eyelash game, but yeah same thing at the end of the quiz you are able to pick lashes that you need. A really great way to make recommendations about a product, especially if you are new to buying a certain product.

Okay, and then as we wrap up this episode, I want to leave you with a few things to think about if you’re thinking about adding a quiz to your own website.

Thinking of adding a quiz to your product based website?

1.The first thing to make sure that your quiz is effective is to make sure that you’re doing a little bit of research with your customers before building your quiz.

This is something that I take my web design clients through during our web strategy session at the beginning of our projects. We always wanna make sure that we are, we know what our customers are asking or what they need so that we’re building a quiz accordingly. And it isn’ something that feels irrelevant to them.

So make sure that you are doing a little bit of research with your customers so that you can build a quiz that is effective.

2. The second thing is I would recommend keeping it to like five to six steps at the very maximum. Just because if it gets too long, we’re kind of defeating the purpose of them being able to make a choice quickly.

3. The third thing is if you can, I would recommend adding the option to pop in their email for a discount or, just to get another copy of their quiz results but don’t make it mandatory.

It’s a great way to collect email addresses for your email list, if your customer wants to give it at that point. And so don’t forget to add that step in.

4. The last tip I have for you to try and make sure that it is on brand. So if you can add branded illustrations, or even if the options in the quiz, you can have it align with your brand voice and your vibe, whether you are like a sassy, fun brand or you are a more authoritative straightforward brand, no matter what your brand voice is if you can have your quiz align with that, have the questions aligned with that, that really adds to the overall experience.

Oh my gosh, I talked a lot today, and I also just realized now my tea is cold, so I have to go heat it up again. But I am just so excited to hear what you think. I’m so excited for you to implement this in your own business and see what results you have.

So I guess that wraps up our episode about adding a quiz to your e-commerce website.





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