How to optimize the contact page on your website – Part 2 ( Product based businesses)


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The contact page on most  website is usually overlooked. A lot of websites set up their contact page as an afterthought- a lot of effort and thought goes into setting up your home page, product page etc. and a lot of time- people just throw in a simple contact form on their contact page and call it a day!

Contact pages for E-Commerce stores are relatively simpler than Service based businesses ( PS: Head to Part 1 if you’re a service based business looking to optimize your contact page) .

This is probably where you customer will end up if they have a query about their product so anticipating what they may need and offering an option instead of them having to wait for a response can significantly improve your customer service experience as well as reduce the admin on your end.

Here are some things you might want to include in the contact page for your E commerce store.

Keep in mind that if you have separate pages of each of these you can just link to them above your contact form so customers can find them easily prior to reaching out!


I always suggest having a completely separate FAQ page .Answer any questions customers usually have or you anticipate them having.

Shipping Timelines

For a lot of product based businesses, shipping is one of the biggest areas that cause customers reach out. Outlining expected shipping timelines can be helpful

Exchange/Return policies 

Adding a quick note about what your store policies for returns and exchanges are and what customers can expect when they reach out!

Name/ Email/ Message

Just a simple form for customer queries!


If you have a customer service email address or specific email or form for Wholesale enquiries- pop in the link here!

So there you go! I hope this helps you spruce up your contact page on your website.