How to optimize the contact page on your website – Part 1 ( Service based business)

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The contact page on most  website is usually overlooked. A lot of websites set up their contact page as an afterthought- a lot of effort and thought goes into setting up your service page, home page and about page and a lot of time- people just throw in a simple contact form on their contact page and call it a day!

Contact Forms are so under rated- if you think about it- when someone lands on your website- what is the ultimate goal?

PS : if you run a product based or E – Commerce Business- check out this post instead as your Contact Page would look slightly different that what is described below!

For them to want to work with you – and the final step is actually reaching out to you to enquire about working together, correct?

Setting up your contact form on your website well, can mean:

  1.  Setting you up for success so that it allows you to do adequate research prior to a sales or discovery call with a client.

  2. Help weed out clients that aren’t a good fit.

  3.  Decrease admin work on your end and make it smooth and easy to move on to the next step with a potential client!

Here is what to include :

EXPECTED RESPONSE TIME / What happens next

Clearly outline when they can expect to receive a response back. If you don’t respond on weekends or only check emails on certain days- don’t hesitate to note that!


This is something a lot of websites skip- and if you have a services page- this section might be a better fit for that page . However, if you often find that clients ask the same questions when they first reach out- it might be a good idea to address them here. It helps them feel better taken care of and also allows them to have a response almost immediately so that they don’t have to wait till you respond for a relatively simple question!  Customer service brownie points!


  • Name/ Email

  • Social media account names

  • Drop down with what they are reaching out about.

  • What prompted them to reach out

  • Was there anything specific about your work that they love

  • A little more info about their business/ project

  • Any other info you might need to help you go into a call with them better prepared.

Making this last step easy and effective will significantly help build trust with potential clients and set you up for success!

I personally have my contact form set up so that when someone fills it out, my CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) system automatically creates a new account as a lead on the back end for me and I receive an email notification. ( I use Dubsado BTW, and it is absolutely ah-mazing!)

This way- It reduced the admin work on my end and I can track everything through one system including sending a scheduler link to book our call together, sending a proposal, the contract, automate follow-ups, invoices etc. Easy- Peasy!

Oh- and don’t forget to test out your contact form to ensure it works before your site goes live- nothing like having some one reach out and have their request never even reach you! Haha!

So there you go! I hope this helps you spruce up your contact page on your website.



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