When should I get a website for my business?


Website design



Ok, first off- disclaimer: I’m not writing this post because I’m a website designer.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking “ Oh, a website designer writing about why you need a website, how original.”

BUT- I’m writing it because I KNOW how it can completely transform your business and how it shows up to your customers . Before I had a website of my own, I genuinely didn’t understand what they hype was or why I needed a website for my business.

When I switched businesses ( from selling handmade items on etsy to providing website design) I was looking to do something that would help women grow their businesses . If you know me in real life I’m the kind of person that when a friend says “ I have this idea for a business”, I’m already yelling “Yaaaas you should TOTALLY do it “ and already planning their branding etc. before they even tell me what it is.

Lol. #kiddingbutnotreallykidding

What can I say, I just get excited to chat about all things business growth and branding and seeing people go after their creative dreams.

Back to the point, As I looked at different things, I realized this was where I could make most impact- because having a website for your business is just so darn important.

The simple explanation- your website is your calling card. It’s the home for your online business. You control the content , the copy, how you position your brand and services and it definitely makes you more reliable to potential customers.

Where do you look up a business when you’re looking for a service? The internet ofcourse.

I’ve yet to ever go through the 28943 business cards I have stashed away in my wallet.


Websites are too expensive.

Ok let’s be straight- I do understand that websites are an investment. When you are just starting your business and trying to do it on a shoestring budget, it can seem like it is something you need to think about down the line.

I’ve been there. That being said, if you’re in that spot, I’d suggest getting a website as soon as you’ve figured out your business model works. Websites really help potential customers see your business as legit and trustworthy.


If you’re killing it on another social media platform, I want to take a moment and say OMG girl, that’s freaking awesome! I know how hard it is to come up with content, engage with your audience, genuinely make connections ( internet friends are real friends y’all!) and basically kick butt at it. I know a lot of coaches, service based businesses etc. that sell in the DM’s and man, I LOVE hearing those stories.

But here is the bottom line, the content isn’t your own and you’re essentially playing by someone else’s rules. These platforms can change their terms/rules at the drop of a hat and you might be left in the lurch.

If you’re already doing well here, DON’T STOP! Keep doing what you’re doing, but getting a website will help you grow even more and then no matter what happens with third party platforms, your audience will always have a place to find you!

I’m not a tech person and websites are overwhelming.

Yep. They definitely can be. Being an entrepreneur you’re already dealing with so many decisions on a daily basis and this just seems like one more thing on your plate. I feel like the more something seems complicated, the more we tend to procrastinate. Even if we know it will benefit us.

My advice: Choose a platform that has an easy interface if you’re worried it will be overwhelming (even if you need to let go of a few design/niche features offered by a more complicated platform). This is why I LOVE squarespace. It is super intuitive and easy to use and you can build a website that looks absolutely stunning without compromising on SEO.

There are a ton of resources online that can help you if you are choosing to DIY it and if you have the budget for it- hire a website designer!

I’ve got a handy checklist to help you collect content ( which is usually the most overwhelming part). Collect your content ahead of time and it will be SIGNIFICANTLY easier if you are DIY’ing your own website.

That’s all folks!

I’ve also compiled a checklist to put together content for your website that you can get straight to your inbox!